ISyG 2015

International Symposium on Geoinformatic

3-5 December 2015 at University of Brawijaya, Malang, East Java, Indonesia

The purpose of this activity is the improvement and strengthening of PTIIK’s education and research system on international standards through teaching and research activities together with an expert who has an international reputation.

The organizers of this event is Geoinformatics Research Center, which was inaugurated in 2015. In accordance with the motto of the study center, Quantum Leap, Geoinformatics Research Center will hold an international conference. In addition to showing the existence of this research center, as well as improving standards are also international PTIIK. With a series of events held this activity, can improve the system of education and research in PTIIK based on international standards. This activity is also expected as part of the Anniversary of Brawijaya University 2016.

On behalf of the Geoinformatics Research Center, the International Symposium on Geoinformatics Committee, it is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the world’s leading geoinformatics conference.

ISyG 2015 provides the key issues to be explored and debated. ISyG 2015 will involve several experts in geoinformatics in the world. In line with the conference theme, "Advancing Geoinformatics Technology and Science for Humanity", these activities encompasses various sectors from science to community, industry, business, policy and governance.


Contact Person

Muhammad Tanzil Furqon, S.Kom, MCompSc.
+62 81326918608
e-mail: m.tanzil.furqon[at]

ISyG 2015 Secretariat
Faculty of Computer Science (FILKOM f.k.a PTIIK) Brawijaya University
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