Batu City Tour

Batu is a one of the cities in East Java Province. It is located 90 km southwest of Surabaya or 15 km northwest of Malang. Batu is located at an altitude of 700-1700 meters above sea level with average air temperature reaches 12-19 degrees Celsius.

Batu is known as one of the leading tourist cities in Indonesia because of the potential of outstanding natural beauty. The Dutch admire for the natural beauty of Batu and aligned as Switzerland and dubbed De Kleine Zwitserland or "Little Swiss" in Java

Below are the pictures of the Batu tourism site:

Jatim Park 2
Jatim-Park-2 Jatim-Park Jatim-Park-3
Jatim-Park-6 Jatim-Park-5
Museum Angkut
Museum-Angkut Museum-Angkut-4 Museum-Angkut-2
Museum-Angkut-3 Museum-Angkut-5
Batu Night Spectacular
Batu-Night-Spectacular Batu-Night-Spectacular-3 Batu-Night-Spectacular-2