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Prof. Stephan Winter
The University of Melbourne, Austalia

Stephan Winter is Professor in Spatial Information Science at the Department of Infrastructure Engineering, The University of Melbourne. He holds a PhD (Dr.-Ing.) from the University of Bonn (1997), and a habilitation from the Technical University Vienna (2001). Within spatial information science Stephan Winter is specializing on human wayfinding and navigation, with a vision of developing intelligent spatial machines. He has contributed to topics such as spatial human-computer interaction, network analysis, routing heuristics, and collaborative transportation and evacuation.


Prof. Dr. Qingwu Hu
Wuhan University, China

Riset Interests:

Multiple Sensors Integration: Multiple sensors integration techniques for Geomatics data collection including spatial and time synchronization, multiple sensors data processing includes data registration, extraction analysis, data visualization of multiple sources geography data

Volunteering geography data mining: Volunteering geography data mining for POI data collection and update, Navigation landmark extraction, social network analysis etc

Spectral feature analysis, classification and extraction based on Fractal Dimension approach
Geographic Information System Projects Application: Spatial and Time GIS application in different fields such as digital city, transportation, power grid management etc.