Call for Paper

The 2016 International Symposium on Geoinformatics is focused on Advances in Computer Science for GIS with main theme is

“Green Future with Artifical Geo-intelegence”

Many topics in the field of computer science involve a very specific approach in the domain of GIS; therefore the topics that are addressed include, but not limited to:

  1. Spatial Modeling
  2. Spatial Databases
  3. Human-Computer Interfaces for GIS
  4. Digital Cartography at the Core of GIS
  5. Space Imagenary in GIS
  6. Parallelism, Distribution and Communcation through GIS
  7. Spatio-Temporal Reasoning
  8. Data collection and acquisition
  9. Data structures and algorithms
  10. Spatio-temporal databases
  11. Spatial analysis, data minings, and decision support systems
  12. Visualization theory and technology in real and virtual environments
  13. WebGIS
  14. Cartography
  15. Location based services
  16. Uncertainty handling in spatial data
  17. Topology
  18. Geo-computation
  19. Geo-telematics
  20. LiDAR
  21. UAV Application
  22. Spatial cognition
  23. Geodata infrastructures
  24. Geostatistics
  25. Geotechnologies in education
  26. Sustainable, Liveliable and Resilient cities