Prof. Noriyoshi Tsuchiya


Noriyoshi Tsuchiya

Tohoku University, Japan



Domain of Research:

Environmental and energy, Earth resources system engineering, Science of rocks/minerals/ore deposits, Earth astrochemistry


Dr Noriyoshi Tsuchiya is a professor at the Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University since 2004. He studied at the Department of Resources Engineering at Tohoku University and became a research assistant after having finished his PhD in 1988. He participated in the 31st Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition (1989-1990) and in the 35th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition (1993-94). In 2009-2010, Professor N. Tsuchiya was expedition leader of Earth Scientific Research Party of the Sør Rondane Mountains, East Antarctica as the 51st Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition. He studies Water-Rock Interaction, involving geothermal and metamorphic fluids, under various Earth Scientific situations. He also carries out hydrothermal experiments for understanding rock-subcritical and supercritical geofluids interactions. He is now a board member of the Japanese Association for Petroleum Technology, Geothermal Research Society of Japan, Society of Resource Geology, and the Japanese Association of Mineralogical Sciences.